Immortals of Aveum | fantasy shooter delayed for “further polish”

immortals of aveum

Fantasy shooter Immortals of Aveum is being pushed back from July to an August release for “further polish” its developer has announced.


Originally set for launch in July, Ascendant Studios’ fantasy FPS Immortals of Aveum is being pushed back by exactly one month. The California-based studio will use the extra few weeks to “further polish” the game, CEO Bret Robbins wrote in a statement.

“In order to realize our full vision, we are going to take a few extra weeks, making our new launch date Tuesday, August 22nd,” Robbins’ 20 June statement reads (thanks, Eurogamer). “This will give us time to further polish the game, finish optimizing all platforms, and deliver a strong launch. We owe it to ourselves and to you to get this right.”

Elsewhere, Robbins talks a bit about Immortals of Aveum's five-year development, which has weathered a pandemic, personnel changes, and getting to grips with Epic’s shiny new Unreal Engine 5. “[We] pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Now, the finish line is in sight.”

Immortals of Aveum is Ascendant’s debut title, though with EA Originals serving as publisher (they previously put out Sea of Solitude, among other things), the game has some fairly hefty corporate support behind it. The game was first announced at The Game Awards last year, and garnered attention thanks to its “first-person shooter, but with magic rather than guns” concept.

In gameplay terms, Immortals of Aveum's spells still function like much like guns – you’re essentially firing projectiles with different firing rates and damage – but the fantasy setting certainly looks different, and the gameplay we’ve seen looks fast-paced and pleasingly old-school.

If nothing else, it’s refreshing to see a shooter on the horizon that is both willing to try something a little different, and isn’t tethered to an existing IP. As you can see from the footage above, this isn’t some low-budget indie title, either.

Immortals of Aveum is now due for release on 22 August 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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