John Romero is doing a virtual book signing for Doom Guy: Life in First Person

Doom Guy book

Doom co-creator John Romero will be doing virtual signings of his new autobiography during a livestream on 26th August.

Have you heard of virtual book signings? I hadn’t, until just now. They might be commonplace for all I know, but I’m intrigued to discover that they’re a thing, and that John Romero is doing one tomorrow.

In a livestream on Whatnot, Doom co-creator John Romero will be interviewed by YouTuber John Hancock, and he’s also signing bookplates for Doom Guy: Life in First Person, his new autobiography.

As far as I can gather, viewers can buy copies of the book via the Whatnot livestream, then these will be sent out to them by post later on with the bookplates included. I think.

The livestream will begin at 4pm ET on Saturday 26th August (which is 9pm in BST), and you can join with this link.

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