Monument Valley 3 announced

We like a good mobile puzzler, but in terms of design and sheer craft, the Monument Valley games are pretty top-notch. Forgive us for emitting a squeal of joy, then, when London-based developer Ustwo Games recently announced that Monument Valley 3 is in the early planning stages.

Ustwo took to Twitter to break the news, as the firm revealed that it’s looking out for a new game director to head up the sequel. Following the award-winning success of the original Monument Valley in 2014, the studio’s expanded as it’s embarked on a range of other mobile games, including Land’s End and Whale Trail. With other projects also in the works, Ustwo says, it’s now looking for a new team member to take the lead on the second Monument Valley sequel.

At this early stage, we don’t yet know when Monument Valley 3’s due out, but the news that it’s at least in the planning phase is undoubtedly a Good Thing. The announcement comes almost exactly a year after it was revealed that a Monument Valley film adaptation was in the works at Paramount, with Wreck-It Ralph animator Patrick Osborne lined up as director.

Expect to see lots more impossible architecture and surreal yet soothing landscapes on a screen near you soon.

Wireframe #19 is available to purchase in stores and online now.

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