New Minecraft ray tracing comparison video stuns

A new video from NVIDIA comparing rasterised Minecraft with a version utilising ray tracing has been released, and holy macaroni is it pretty.

NVIDIA and Mojang plan to add support for ray tracing in Minecraft at some point in 2020, but it’s already genuinely breathtaking to see the effect it has on a humble Minecraft environment as shadows, reflections and lighting are all altered in real time using a path tracer. We can’t wait to see the scope of this when it becomes available globally next year …maybe. Worth selling a kidney for? Again …maybe.

The video below contains examples of what happened when Minecrafters were given the opportunity to play with RTX On, and they created their worlds in just two days.

Take a look…

“By working with Mojang and Microsoft, ray tracing has been developed as a core game feature, added directly to the engine, enabling it to use full GPU acceleration (including RT Cores) at faster framerates, and in a way that allows it to improve every aspect of the game’s graphics with pixel perfect real-time ray-tracing,” say NVIDIA, who have reminded potential users that they’ll need the latest version of Windows 10, a GPU capable of real-time ray tracing, and its Minecraft Ray Tracing Game Ready Driver to play around with this when it arrives in 2020.

We don’t need two kidneys.

Wireframe #29 is out now

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