Rod Fergusson defects to Blizzard to run Diablo franchise

In some rather surprising news this week, Rod Fergusson is leaving The Coalition in March to take the reins of the Diablo series over at Blizzard, after leaving his mark on the Gears Of War franchise for many, many years.

Fergusson has worked on every Gears Of War game since 2006, and led Gears 5 to success just last year, but now it seems that he won’t be around to see the release of Gears Tactics when it comes out on 28 April.

Fergusson confidently handled the Gears series’ move to Microsoft six years ago with The Coalition. His career had originally begun there, back in 1996, and they have wished him well in his new position.

“Rod is certainly someone who has had a tremendous impact on the franchise overall, going back to the original Gears,” Xbox’s Matt Booty told GIBiz as he mulled the future of the series. “We are really grateful for the craft and just his passion, and also just what he has done to build that community. We wish him well as he moves on.”

Blizzard will soon put Fergusson to work, as Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 are currently in the thick of development.

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