Sanzaru Games “would love to come back to” Sly Cooper

Platform stealth game Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time made for a really decent fourth entry in the Sly series on PS3 and Vita back in 2013. Sanzaru Games was behind its development, taking on the project after its good work in porting the original games for the PlayStation 3, and the team has never forgotten old Sly.

In a new interview with Greg Miller during his Kinda Funny Games Daily show, Sanzaru Games’ creative director Mat Kraemer addressed where they left the world’s greatest raccoon thief after working on Thieves in Time, and their hopes for the future.

“We love Sly. I’ll tell you a tidbit of information. The original first episode of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was suppose to be Egypt in Sly Tutankhamen and Egypt was going to be a DLC episode. That was the intention and we never got to finish that out,” he admitted, referring to the game’s cliffhanger ending. “I do (and the team) at Sanzaru have the story and the whole episode done on paper form.”

Sly’s future doesn’t look so hot, so if you still consider yourself a fan of the series, it’s time to hit Sony with a major (and I mean major) leaflet campaign.

“We would love to come back to that world. I hate leaving him there and it’s the question we get the most. So all I can is that if you guys want more Sly Cooper let Sony know. We are always ready to dig into that and it was a great franchise to work on. It was a great project.”

More Sly Cooper could never be a bad thing, surely?

Wireframe #28 is out now

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