Sega Saturn Mini | We’ll have to wait a ‘little longer’ before we see one, says Sega executive

Sega Saturn console

Sega Saturn Mini when? Sega president and COO Yukio Sugino has said the Saturn’s ‘high performance’ makes it difficult to miniaturise.


In an interview with Famitsu (spotted via VGC), Sega president and chief operating officer Yukio Sugino has warned not to expect a Sega Saturn Mini console any time soon.

The Sega Saturn is surprisingly high performance, so the difficulty (miniaturization) is also high,” said Sugino (via Google Translate).

I don’t think it’s a case of saying, ‘Let’s make another one because it sells well,'” he continued. “It looks like it’s going to be a little longer, but I’d like to think about it when we’re in a situation where we can openly create it together with people who have always loved the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast.”

From the sounds of it, then, a Saturn Mini is very much on Sega’s radar, but it could well be a long way off. Sugino’s comments on creating it together with ‘people who have always loved the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast' are also intriguing. Sega has collaborated with fan communities before, leading to the well-received Sonic Mania.

Sega Genesis Mini Saturn

Credit: Sega.

So far, Sega has produced two Mega Drive Mini consoles, the latter of which supported Mega-CD titles, and last year the company put out a poll to ask ‘Which classic Sega hardware replica would you like to see next?’. The list to choose from included the Saturn and Dreamcast, as well as the Master System, SC-3000, SG-1000, Game Gear, Astro City arcades and another Mega Drive Mini.

As revealed earlier this year, the results of the poll showed that the Sega Saturn was a clear winner with 88% of votes, followed by the Dreamcast with 79% (voters could choose more than one console) and a third Mega Drive Mini with 69%.

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