Social Link | New initiative provides networking opportunities for industry newcomers

social link

Social Link is designed to provide accessible spaces for those new to the video games industry, with physical and virtual networking events.


Events like this week’s Develop:Brighton conference provide a chance for video games industry professionals to meet and exchange ideas. But what if you’re new to the business and don’t know where to start? What if you struggle with things like anxiety or a lack of confidence, or can’t afford the travel and hotel bills that often go with attending a fancy conference?

Launched on 7 July, Social Link is designed to address issues such as these. Designed to provide networking opportunities for games industry newcomers, it will take the form of a Discord server, allowing people from all disciplines to connect virtually, while there are also plans afoot for physical events for members soon – including an informal mixer event that will be held as part of Develop:Brighton on 12 july.

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The initiative is the work of Anni Valkama, PR and marketing coordinator at Super Rare Games. “We are so excited to finally announce Social Link, the new networking project for industry newbies”, Valkama said in a press release. “Social Link is committed to fostering more inclusive and accessible spaces in games for those new to it, creating a sense of belonging in the industry. If you feel like this is something that can help you, please apply!”

Social Link is open to games industry newcomers of any discipline – you just have to have been in the business for less than four years and be based in the UK or Ireland. If that sounds like you, then you can apply for membership using this Google Form, and you can also find the initiative on Twitter right here.

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