Tako no Himitsu | New RPG inspired by GBA classic Golden Sun

Tako no Himitsu screenshot

Tako no Himitsu is the latest game from the creator of Save me Mr Tako! – and a love letter to Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance years.


If you’re the kind of person who watches every Nintendo Direct in the hope that the Big N will announce another entry in the much-loved and much-missed Golden Sun series, then we’ve got good news. Tako no Himitsu: Ocean of Secrets takes its inspiration from both Golden Sun and the 1993 Enix game Illusion of Gaia, and it’s all wrapped in the nostalgia blanket of a beautiful GBA graphical style.

Tako no Himitsu (which translates as 'Octopus Secret') is the latest title from Christophe Galati, the creator of 2018’s Save Me Mr Tako! That gem took its inspiration from the original Game Boy, offering some gorgeous 8-bit monochrome graphics and a cracking adventure in which you controlled a pacifist octopus on a mission to resolve the conflict between humans and cephalopods.

For his latest game, Galati has progressed to 32-bit GBA stylings, and now you’re in control of a team of humans and their octopus allies. “Embark on a quest to face traumas and secrets to save a world consumed by the shadows of its past,” enthuses the press release. “Play as six different characters and uncover their stories as you explore a troubled world beset by shadow monsters. Befriend and train magic Octopuses to aid you in real time combat and puzzles, and strategize to gain the advantage against your enemies!”

The trailer shows the various characters using octopuses with various powers, such as flame breath, and it all looks wonderfully reminiscent of the long lost days of Camelot’s Golden Sun games, a series that has remained dormant since 2010. A Kickstarter for Tako no Himitsu is planned for later this summer, and the game is set to be released on PC sometime in 2025. Now we just need someone to make a homage to Mother III.

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