The PlayStation 5 has its first official game: Godfall

Microsoft may have formally unveiled its next-gen console – that’d be the Xbox Series X – but Sony isn’t far behind with its successor to the PlayStation 4.

To this end, we now have the first officially-announced game for the PlayStation 5: it’s Godfall, a “third-person looter-slasher” currently in development at Counterplay Games. Published by Gearbox, it’s a new IP, and will offer a solo campaign and a co-op mode for two or three players.

The first trailer, meanwhile, understandably concentrates on showing off some whizzy visuals. We get hulking warriors in exotic suits of armour, and a lot of debris and particle effects as an action set-piece takes place in what looks like a crumbling old church.

It looks… okay, we guess? See what you think below. Godfall is due for release in late 2020.

Wireframe issue 28 is available in stores and online now.

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