Timespinner 2 announced, features more lovely pixel art

timespinner 2

Five years on from the original, Timespinner 2 emerges with more Metroidvania action and gorgeous 16-bit style pixel art.

Much can change in five years, especially in the fast-moving games industry. But even if we’ve seen a slew of Metroidvanias launched since the original Timespinner came out in 2018, we’re still pleasantly surprised to see a sequel announced by indie developer Lunar Ray Games.

Called Timespinner 2: Unwoven Dream, it’s once again a side-scrolling platformer that draws on the combat and exploration of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and other 1990s action-adventures of its ilk. The sequel sees you take control of Auria, a war veteran out on a mission to rescue her son and reality itself from impending doom.

The game continues on from the events of the original, released almost exactly five years ago on 25 September 2018. We reviewed the game in the first ever edition of Wireframe magazine, with writer Jake Laverde praising its orb-based weapons system and gorgeous, SNES-inspired sprite work.

Timespinner 2 continues the tradition visually, too, with more superbly-rendered animation and character design; we’re particularly taken by the magical looking villainess who rides around on what looks like a giant pumpkin-battle tank hybrid.

“Embark alongside Auria on a grand odyssey through the sprawling interconnected realm of Surflynd,” the game’s website reads. “From eerie woodlands to the ominous Tower of the Apocalypse, from dark underwater depths to the ethereal Domain of Dreams, her journey knows no bounds. Explore a lovingly drawn pixel-art world, accompanied by a beautiful musical score by Jeff Ball, in an adventure that is a perfect ode to the classic games of the 90s.”

The first Timespinner came about thanks to a successful 2014 Kickstarter campaign; here’s hoping the sequel doesn’t take quite so long to develop.

Timespinner 2: Unwoven Dream can be wishlisted now on Steam; target console platforms and firm release date are still to be confirmed.

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