Ubisoft to reveal the “future of The Division franchise” this week

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An upcoming livestream on 20 April will reveal “the past, present, and future of The Division franchise,” Ubisoft announces.


“Clear your calendar,” Ubisoft advises as it announces an upcoming livestream devoted to its growing The Division series. Taking place on 20 April, the stream – which will appear on Twitch and YouTube – will “take you on a journey through the past, present, and future of the franchise,” the publisher wrote in an 18 April tweet.

First up, there’ll be a look at the roadmap for The Division 2 and its recently-released Descent roguelike co-op mode. Then there’ll be a gameplay preview of The Division Heartland – an upcoming free-to-play shooter in development at Red Storm Entertainment. Finally, the stream will provide an update on The Division Resurgence, a mobile shooter due out next March.

The Division Heartland, originally announced in 2021, is billed as a third-person multiplayer shooter set in rural America. It’ll take in two game modes at launch – a 45-player PvP mode and a survival mode called Excursion Operations. We haven’t seen much of the game since a trailer emerged last year, so it’ll be interesting to see how it’s developed since. The game’s being developed for PC and both generations of PlayStations and Xboxes.

The Division Resurgence is another free-to-play multiplayer shooter, this time for Android and iOS. Ubisoft describes it as a “triple-A experience” set in a “massive urban open-world of New York City”. It certainly looks and sounds ambitious.

The Division 2 first launched in 2019 and has enjoyed regular-ish updates since, with its most recent season, Reign of Fire, rounding off the fourth year of content for the multiplayer shooter. That Ubisoft is committing to a fifth year of updates should mean we’ll see more content as we head into 2024.

Oh, and while Ubisoft might want you to “clear your calendar”, don’t feel like you have to cancel absolutely everything you have planned on 20 April. The livestream will air at 11am PDT, which equates to 7pm in the UK. Feel free to go to work/school/dental appointments as you normally would.

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