Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom glitch lets you make cash from frozen meat

zelda tears of the kingdom glitch

Looking for a quick way to make rupees in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Then a newly-discovered glitch involving frozen meat could turn you into a millionaire…


Enterprising players often find glitches and exploits in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, though Nintendo is equally quick off the mark when it comes to stepping in and squashing those glitches via an update or two.

One glitch that has escaped Nintendo’s attention – at least at the time of writing – is one that involves using a combination of weapon-building and autobuild to essentially fool the game into spawning huge quantities of frozen meat. That meat can then be sold off for a handsome pile of cash.

The glitch was discovered by YouTube’s Austin John Plays (and brought to our attention by Kotaku) and is somewhat difficult to explain, so you may want to just watch the embed below if you want the full nine-minute tutorial.

In essence, though, you’ll be using ultrahand to attach raw meat to tree branches. You then use autobuild to keep cloning the same meat-on-a-stick combo, then stick them all together (the maximum you can spawn at any one time is 21). It’s here that things get a bit trickier: the glitch requires you to head to a cold region – Austin John uses Snowfield Stable – and sleep by a campfire until nightfall.

You then have to wait until you have an all-snow weather forecast. If you start walking away from the campfire with a meat weapon equipped, the meat should freeze and spawn on the ground. This, Austin John says, is the indicator that the glitch is working. Assuming it is, you then simply have to pull out your auto-built katamari of meats on sticks, wait a second with them hovering in the air, and all the meat will fall to the ground, frozen.

Keep cloning and spawning this frozen meat, and you’ll soon have a huge pile items you can exchange for rupees – Austin John works it out at 4995 rupees per minute. If you’re really quick about it, you could potentially amass a pile of items worth almost 40,000 rupees in eight minutes.

The frozen meat glitch currently works in all versions of Tears of the Kingdom. We suspect it won’t be long before Nintendo moves to patch out this latest exploit, though.

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