Pikmin 4 | All the delightful new things in its Nintendo Direct trailer

Pikmin 4 trailer

Pikmin 4 introduces new Glow Pikmin, along with levels set inside a house – a first for the series. Here’s what we spotted in the new Nintendo Direct trailer.


Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct provided a closer look at some of the gameplay elements in the upcoming Pikmin 4, and there are some delightful new touches in this long-awaited sequel.

Probably the biggest change in Pikmin 4 is the introduction of a new companion, Oatchi the loveable space dog. Like your band of Pikmin, Oatchi can be directed to carry items and attack enemies, but he can also smash through objects to open up new paths. In addition, he can carry your explorer and all of your Pikmin on his back as he swims across pools of water. Very handy.

Oatchi smashes objects

The video also showed that castaways can be found scattered across the levels – other explorers like yourself who have become lost. Rescuing the castaways unlocks upgrades, with the castaways setting up as merchants selling things like speedier boots. They can even teach Oatchi new tricks. However, it looks like at least some of the castaways are guarded by a Pikmin who bears a striking resemblance to Captain Olimar. This fellow will start a ‘Dandori battle’, in which you race against the Olimar imposter to see who can complete an objective in the quickest time.

Pikmin carrying a Game Boy Advance SP

The trailer also showed a few of the ‘treasures’ you can collect, such as a Game Boy Advance SP, although others shown on the Pikmin 4 download card include a cup and ball toy and a fidget spinner. The download card also hinted that there might be levels set inside a house, and this has now been confirmed by the trailer, which shows Pikmin running around by a kitchen sink and across a living room. It looks brilliant, and very much reminded us of the GameCube classic Chibi-Robo, or Micro Machines if you’re going further back.

The Pikmin 4 trailer also shows underground levels which are filled with odd contraptions and seem to be some kind of obstacle course, but perhaps more interesting are the new night levels. The creatures turn extra nasty at night, and rather than regular sun-loving Pikmins, you’re given Glow Pikmins to control, which are a new addition to the series. These Glow Pikmin float ethereally and have one eye bigger than the other, a bit like the Kodama forest spirits in Princess Mononoke.

It seems the aim of these night levels is to collect ‘luminol’ while protecting the Glow Pikmin’s ant-like nest from attack by frenzied creatures. Presumably this isn’t the same luminol that’s used for detecting blood stains in CSI, but you never know.

Pikmin 4 is scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch on 21st July.

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