Dead Space Demake is available to download and play now

dead space demake download

Dead Space Demake, the low-poly, PS1-style de-master of the space horror classic, is available to download and play on your PC right now.


When indie developer Fraser Brumley tweeted that his Dead Space Demake “is still coming”, he really meant it. Over the Easter weekend, the Australia-based designer uploaded his PS1-style homage to the 2008 space horror classic to

As we saw last month, the demake is remarkably faithful to the original, particularly when it comes to the dismemberment mechanics. The polygon count may be low and the edges jagged and shimmery, but Isaac can still blast the heads and other appendages off a screeching Necromorph, just like his higher-definition counterpart.

It should be noted that Dead Space Demake doesn’t recreate every part of the original – the campaign will be over in about 15 minutes, not several hours – but it’s still a fascinating, fun take on one of the most influential horror games of all time. Certainly, if you’ve ever wondered what the game would have looked and felt like had it come out around the time of the first Resident Evil, then Fraser has the answer. And while we can’t help wondering what the whole campaign would look like rendered in glorious PS1-vision, we can at least be grateful we got this little taster.

“I’ve been working on this for a lot longer than I planned and the end product is probably shorter than you expect,” Brumley writes on itch, “but I hope you have fun playing it. This project was mostly a way for me to learn Unreal and the PS1 aesthetic so look forward to what I’ll be putting together in the future.”

At the time of writing, Brumley has tweeted that he plans to make his demake even more period accurate in an update, with a framerate locked to 20fps, in typical PS1 style.

You can download Dead Space Demake for free right here.

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