Developer puts out a call for help as PS1-style horror game Heartworm loses its publisher

Heartworm screenshot

After financial issues caused his publisher to back out, Vincent Adinolfi is ‘desperate’ for help to finish his Silent Hill-inspired horror, Heartworm.

Heartworm is a promising, Silent Hill-inspired game that’s part of the new wave of lo-fi horror titles that hark back to the PS1 era. It was featured on the brilliantly odd Haunted PS1 Demo Disc back in 2020, and developer Vincent Adinolfi has been steadily working towards a full release over the past few years.

But now Heartworm is in trouble.

A few days ago, Adinolfi put out a desperate plea on X (Twitter), explaining that the publisher for Heartworm had pulled out as a result of financial issues, and now he was looking for a new publisher in order to complete the game. He explained that he didn’t have enough money to self-publish, so the only hope for completing Heartworm is if another publisher can step in to provide financial backing.

“I am desperate to do anything I can to keep & support my team for all the hard work they’ve done – and we want people to play this game,” he said.

Heartworm is apparently around 50 percent complete, and has a five-figure wishlist total on Steam, with a current release date of 2024.

Since making his plea, Adinolfi has received a flood of support from the games community, which he says has boosted his confidence. Here’s hoping that he manages to find a publisher for this brilliantly quirky lo-fi horror game.

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