Diablo IV to get story updates every three months

diablo iv updates

Diablo IV aims to keep players busy with Battle Pass updates every three months, and a campaign said to last 80 hours.


As Blizzard readies Diablo IV for release, director Joseph Piepora has been doing the rounds at assorted gaming outlets larger than this one.

On the press tour so far, Piepora has revealed to Game Informer (via Kotaku) that the upcoming RPG will get “meaty updates” every three months.

All told, the seasonal campaigns that will be available via Diablo IV’s Battle Pass will take around 80 hours to complete, Piepora has revealed to PC Gamer.

“Right now, the battle pass, when you’re figuring in completing the season journey alongside doing other content in the game, you’re looking at roughly 80 hours worth of time invested to complete the entirety of the battle pass,” Piepiora said. “To level a character to level 100 could take a little longer than that based on how you play.”

Blizzard’s commitment to Diablo IV means that, perhaps inevitably, its predecessor’s support will soon wind down. Currently on its 28th season, Diablo III's regular content updates will end at season 30, franchise general manager Rod Fergusson recently said.

“Starting with Season 30 previous Seasons will be repeated,” Fergusson told Wowhead (via Niche Gamer). He noted there will be “a mix and match of previous cosmetics and features that made up previous Seasons.”

An end of an era, then, but an understandable end given the undertaking Blizzard are about embark on with Diablo IV. Indeed, if Diablo IV runs for 30 seasons like its predecessor, then those “meaty updates” could keep players busy for the next seven to eight years. Even when the end credits have rolled up on the campaign, there’s Diablo IV's endgame to consider; Blizzard released a video on that very subject last week, which we’ve thoughtfully added above.

Diablo IV releases on 6 June for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.


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