Fornite ‘destroyed’ by black hole event

That’s it then. All those countless hours of shooting, running around and cavorting have come to a dramatic end. On the 13 October, Fortnite's tenth season ended with a bang: the entire game world was sucked into a black hole.

Since the event, it’s been impossible to play the game, and, as of the time of writing, Fortnite's Twitter page has nothing on it but images of the black hole.

It hasn’t taken players long to figure out that there’s a bit more going on, though. Polygon notes that a series of numbers occasionally flash up on the screen, and appear to be Google Map coordinates – the first of them takes users to a street view image of some crabs. Whether there’s substance to the numbers than these images isn’t currently clear.

Meanwhile, entering the Konami code in what’s left of Fortnite will yield a 2D shooting mini-game.

It’s all dramatic stuff, and has certainly generated plenty of attention ahead of Epic’s inevitable unveiling of Fortnite season 11, or whatever it has planned next. And if you’re fearful that Fortnite's cosmic really is the end of Epic’s most lucrative property, there are already rumours that the blackout could end as soon as this Tuesday.

If you completely missed out on Fortnite's cataclysmic season finale, here’s what it looked like – as captured by YouTuber Dr Lupo…

Wireframe #24 is available in stores and online now. It’s out of this world.

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