Funko Fusion | First trailer for upcoming “multiplayer mashup”

funko fusion

Funko Fusion is an upcoming multiplayer action game featuring big plastic heads and John Carpenter’s The Thing. Here’s a trailer.


Having already filled up the shelves of comic convention visitors the world over, Funko is moving into the world of video games. Made in conjunction with Universal Games and UK developer 10:10, Funko Fusion is described as a “multiplayer mashup” that takes in dozens of movie references and lots of those big-headed, vacant-eyed Funko Pop! vinyl figures.

Although the trailer only vaguely alludes to the connection vaguely for legal reasons (“From the creators of brick-based mayhem”), 10:10 was founded by several former staff at TT Games – the developer of the hit LEGO series of action sandboxes.

The similarities are plain to see in that teaser, included below: like TT Games’ LEGO titles before it, Funko Fusion re-creates entire scenes from classic movies in vinyl form. In less than two minutes, you’ll be treated to familiar moments from Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Shaun of the Dead, Child’s Play 2, and the old 1980s Battlestar Galactica TV show.

Most disconcertingly, we also get to see what were once some witheringly gory moments from John Carpenter’s 1982 horror gem The Thing, all played out in shiny, plastic form.

If it plays anything like those LEGO games, though, Funko Fusion is sure to be lots of fun, especially when enjoyed with a friend or two. Assuming it’s a success, the scope for future Funko games is also potentially limitless; according to a February tally, there are currently 8,366 types of Funko Pop figure out there in the wild.

We’ll just have to wait and see whether Funko Fusion contains a level where bobble-headed versions of Severus Snape and Jack Skellington try to escape from a landfill.

Funko Fusion is due for release in 2024 for PC and an as-yet-unannounced set of consoles.

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