Google Stadia Founder’s Edition has sold out globally

Google has announced that the Stadia Founder’s Edition has completely sold out in the 14 countries that it targeted with the product. The package had previously dwindled in Europe in late September, but now Stadia has officially switched to selling the Premiere Edition across its storefronts globally.

“That’s a wrap! Stadia Founder’s Edition has completely sold out. We can’t wait to welcome all of our Founders to play Stadia on November 19,” the company posted on the Stadia Facebook page.

The Stadia Premiere Edition has Chromecast Ultra, a controller, and three months Stadia Pro subscription bundled in, along with Destiny 2: The Collection, but Premiere customers definitely won’t have day one access to Stadia, unlike a big chunk of Founders. In fact, many people – including some Founders – will have to wait up to a fortnite post-launch to start using the service, as confirmed to The Verge.

Google has been touting their upcoming cloud gaming service as a revolution in game streaming.

“What we’re trying to do with Stadia is we are trying to remove barriers to triple-A games,” Google’s Director for Games, Jack Buser, told IGN. “Our mission is to bring the experiences that we love to more people than ever before. We don’t want these experiences locked behind expensive pieces of plastic, we want them to be set free.”

Wireframe #24 is out now

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