Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess | new Onimusha-like title coming from Capcom

kunitsu-gami: path of the goddess

Capcom has announced an all-new title, Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, which looks like a more fantastical, monster-filled Onimusha


At a time when game details are frequently leaked days or even weeks before they’re officially announced, genuine surprises feel rare in today’s hectic interactive entertainment industry. One announcement that really caught us off-guard during yesterday’s Xbox Games Showcase, though, was the announcement of the amply-titled Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess.

An entirely new property from Capcom, its debut trailer had some people speculating that the studio was about to unveil a new, more fantastical entry in its long-running Onimusha series. But no: while Kunitsu-Gami is indeed set in the depths of Japanese history, it appears to be entirely unrelated to Capcom’s hack-and-slash franchise.

Not that Kunitsu-Gami is short on hack-and-slash; the trailer shows what we’re guessing is its masked protagonist slicing up all manner of creatures with a trusty sword. Real care and detail has been put into those creatures, too – they look like the yokai of Japanese folklore crossed with a hint of Giger-esque body horror, and we’re looking to seeing (and hearing) more of them.

Beyond that, firm details about the game are more vague. “Enjoy a unique gameplay experience blending action and strategy,” a press release reads on Xbox’s website. “Witness an epic clash between the spirit realm and mortal man.”

Having watched the trailer a few times, we get the impression that at least part of the game involves using your sword-wielding warrior to cut a swathe through enemies, thus providing safe passage for the female character – hence the title, Path of the Goddess. (The blurb linked above calls this character the Spirit Stone Maiden.)

We’re sure there’s more to Kunitsu-Gami than one long escort mission, though, and we’ll probably hear more about the game in the Capcom Showcase, due to begin tonight (12 June) at 11pm in the UK.

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