Moving Out 2 | Furniture removal-’em-up sequel out in August

moving out 2

Co-op furniture removal simulator sequel Moving Out 2 is out in August, publisher Team17 has announced. There’s also a demo out on Monday.


Moving Out 2 is out on 15 August, publisher Team17 and developers SMG Studio and DevM Games have announced.

In what could be regarded as a mild spoiler – so look away now if you care about such things – the sequel takes place after the “intergalactic” ending of the original Moving Out.

“The game sees the Furniture Arrangement and Relocation Technicians (F.A.R.Ts) head beyond the realms of their dimension and go multiversal across a series of other universes,” reads a press release, “each with wildly different and puzzling environments than their own.”

An accompanying trailer provides a glimpse of what to expect – more chaotic moving (and throwing) of people’s everyday belongings as you (and friends) attempt to shift items to a removal van before the time runs out. Level designs look more intricate this time, though, and we also get to see a few of the “zany” new characters the sequel will introduce – among them, what appears to be a corncob wearing a little trilby hat.

The first Moving Out emerged in 2020, and in our review from the period (back when we were still Wireframe magazine), we described it as “An uneven but enjoyable co-op party game in the Overcooked! mould”.

If you’d like to sample Moving Out 2's hectic delights, there’s good news: there’ll be a PC demo available to download as part of the Steam Next Fest on Monday 19 June. It will, we’re told “feature a sample of six levels from across the multiverse of the final game.”

Moving Out 2 is out on 15 August for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. There’s also a physical version of the game coming out on consoles courtesy of Fireshine Games.

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