Steam Puzzle Fest sees steep discounts on puzzle games

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Steam Puzzle Fest will run until 1 May, and features demos of upcoming titles in addition to discounts of up to 90%.


Steam has launched Puzzle Fest, which features some huge discounts on a range of excellent puzzle games. The headline games in the promotion include Tetris Effect, Strange Horticulture, The Witness, Portal and The Talos Principle.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of a demo for the mind-bending Viewfinder yesterday, Puzzle Fest also features a wide range of demos for upcoming and existing titles. Steam Puzzle Fest will run until 10am Pacific Time on 1st May.

We’ve picked out a few highlights from the sale below to help you along, as well as links to our reviews where relevant.

  • Monster’s Expedition – 40% off
  • Portal – 90% off
  • Portal 2 – 90% off
  • Tetris Effect – 50% off
  • Birth – 10% off
  • Strange Horticulture – 40% off
  • Pikuniku – 75% off
  • The Witness – 80% off
  • The Talos Principle – 85% off
  • Inside – 90% off
  • Baba is You – 30% off
  • Patrick’s Parabox – 20% off
  • Manifold Garden – 50% off
  • ABRISS- Build to Destroy – 20% off

As you can see, that’s a varied selection of games and no mistake – proof, if any were needed, of just how broad the puzzler genre can be. If we had to choose just one game from that curated list above, it’d be the inspired block-pushing puzzler, Baba is You. Brilliantly redefining the boundaries of one of gaming’s oldest genres, it sees the player solve puzzles by changing the properties of the game itself. By pushing blocks to form simple phrases like “wall is stop” or “flag is win,” you can do odd things like turn off collision detection or transform what was an inanimate object into a controllable character. As Jon Bailes wrote in our review way back in 2019, “Because puzzles fit on a single screen, every rule and object is visible at all times. There’s never a hidden trick to uncover, or secret path you can’t see. All the pieces are right there in front of you, and often, when you do find a solution, it’s much simpler than it first appeared.”

Steam Puzzle Fest will run until 10am Pacific Time on 1 May.

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