Steam Stealth Fest includes a dystopian horror game about giant monsters

steam stealth fest curfew

Among the big Ubisoft hitters in this year’s Steam Stealth Fest, the upcoming indie horror Curfew caught our eye.


Events like Steam Stealth Fest are great ways of getting superb games at incredible prices, downloading them, then never getting around to playing them because you have too much other stuff to get through.

Among the eye-catching offers in this year’s Stealth Fest, though, are such big hitters as Far Cry 6 (down from £49.99 to just £12.49) and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which has had the same 75 percent discount.

Away from the triple-A stuff from Ubisoft, meanwhile, there are some smaller games to be found tucked away in the listings. Case in point: Curfew, an upcoming first-person stealth horror game that appears to take in equal parts George Orwell and H.P. Lovecraft.

It’s set in a washed-out town beset by problems of just about every kind imaginable: it’s ruled by some sort of Big Brother-like totalitarian regime, a pandemic is cutting a swathe through the population, and most urgently of all, there are gigantic, spider-like creatures stalking the streets.

Curfew is the work of British solo developer Oliver Hughes, and judging by the game’s announcement trailer, it’s a truly nightmarish exercise in economy. Lifeless bodies hang in the sky, multi-legged creatures stalk dingy corridors… it’s all delightfully surreal. Curfew's Steam page says that it’ll be an open-world experience about uncovering “ancient secrets, abandoned towns in the remnants of a dying civilisation,” and that we’ll “peel back the layers of a complex conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of society.”

It’ll also take in a “rich cast of characters”, and there’ll be plenty of moments where you’ll need to sneak around and use distractions to navigate your way around guards and, presumably, those giant spider-critters.

With an artful use of Playdead-like silhouettes, limited colour palettes and CRT television filters, Curfew looks as stylish as it does sinister. It’s due out later in 2024, and you can add it to your wishlist now.

Steam Stealth Fest runs until 31 July.

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