Greenfield is a story-driven puzzle-platformer with some beautifully surreal artwork

Greenfield screenshot

Developer Six Foot Giraffe has revealed Greenfield, in which you explore a forgotten island facility to unlock a dark mystery.

The trailer for the newly announced puzzle platformer Greenfield is a real treat. Go on, have a look below. There’s all sorts in there, from a flaming mechanical bull to a giant robot bird with what looks like a torch for a head. It’s all wonderfully intriguing.

As spotted via Gematsu, Greenfield is being developed for PC and Mac by the Los Angeles-based developer Six Foot Giraffe, and you can find it on Steam right here. All we have on the game so far is the information from the Steam page, which promises a “story driven puzzle-platforming adventure game” in which you explore a forgotten island facility and use lost technologies to reach the island’s centre, in order to “illuminate a dark mystery”.

It’s all very reminiscent of Playdead’s wonderful Inside, but I was also reminded of FAR: Lone Sails thanks to the sweeping backgrounds of crumbling industry, not to mention the sections where the main character pilots a boat while a strange, snake-like robot creature dives through the waves behind.

But my favourite part of the trailer is the jetpack, which explodes upwards with a terrifyingly dangerous crack of fire, very much indicating it’s a highly experimental and borderline lethal device. Presumably this is one of the pieces of lost technology that the Steam page describes – another seems to be a much less lethal looking floating orb.

The trailer gets pretty surreal in places, too, such as when the protagonist comes across an enormous underwater woman mysteriously reclining in the depths. It’s all very mysterious and intriguing, and we’re keen to find out more.

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