There’s now a Holocaust Museum in Fortnite

The Voices of the Forgotten Museum in Fortnite.

The Voices of the Forgotten Museum by Luc Bernard, now in Fortnite, is the “first Digital Holocaust Museum in the metaverse”.


The sandbox mode Fortnite Creative launched in 2018 to allow players to create their own islands featuring whatever they like. Now, one player has created a museum dedicated to educating visitors about the Holocaust.

Luc Bernard previously directed the educational game The Light in the Darkness, which portrays the story of a working-class family of Polish Jews in France during the Holocaust. But he has now worked with Epic Games to create the Voices of the Forgotten Museum, a digital Holocaust museum within Fortnite.

Exhibits within the museum include displays on events such as Kristallnacht and a hall dedicated to historical figures such as Marianne Cohn, who helped to smuggle Jewish children out of Nazi-occupied France.

You can visit the digital museum yourself using the island code 1511-8598-6202, or follow the link here.

Many of Fortnite’s usual features are disabled for visitors to the Voices of the Forgotten Museum to avoid vandalism or inappropriate conduct. Depressingly, Bernard’s Twitter post to announce the opening of the museum soon attracted antisemitic comments from Holocaust deniers – which just goes to show how important it is to educate young people about the Holocaust through initiatives such as this.

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