Treadmill becomes PS4 controller for Death Stranding workout

Allen Pan’s latest engineering endeavour hit YouTube late last week, detailing his extensive plans to hook a PS4 controller up to an old treadmill and finally achieve what we can only assume was creator Hideo Kojima’s original endgame for his walking sim/clonky metaphor-a-thon, Death Stranding.

Determined to get a decent workout in the month of January, where countless people sign up to the gym in aid of “new year, new me”, Pan hacked an old PS4 controller to create what he describes as “a walking simulator walking simulator, AKA the lowest budget VR rig ever”, adding that none of this silliness was sponsored by Monster Energy.

You may or may not be relieved to hear that at no point are we forced to watch Pan shower or turn his poop into bombs.

Check all this out for yourself below…

Not only did the whole thing fall into place pretty well, Pan and his friend both got an excellent workout by taking on the relentless delivery responsibilities of Sam Porter Bridges, although Pan later seemed to regret airing some of his more, erm, personal opinions about Death Stranding in the final video.

“Well Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima both tweeted links to this video so I’m gonna officially retcon at 1:55 to say it’s objectively not a good game…because it is objectively a GREAT game,” he joked.

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