‘Unauthorised’ Xbox controllers to be blocked from November

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Third-party controllers are unlikely to work on Xbox consoles from 12 November 2023 as Microsoft cracks down on ‘Unauthorised’ accessories.

If you’ve been greeted with an error message when plugging in a third-party controller or accessory recently, there’s likely a good reason for this. Microsoft has reportedly begun cracking down on the use of unauthorised devices on Xbox consoles, with controllers and other bits of third-party tech set to be banned entirely from 12 November 2023.

The news comes via Windows Central, which reports that a number of Xbox owners are getting the error 0x82d60002 when plugging in a third-party controller. An accompanying message reads, “A connected accessory is not authorized. Using unauthorized accessories compromises your gaming experience. For this reason, the unauthorized accessory will be blocked from use on 12/11/2023.

“For help returning it, check with the store it came from or contact the manufacturer. To see authorized accessories, go to www.xbox.com/accessories. (0x82d60002).”

The Verge further notes that the above error code’s support page on Xbox’s website warns the console owner that they can keep using their device for a further two weeks – after which time, the message reads, the device will be blocked.

“From the moment you connect an unauthorized accessory and receive error code 0x82d60002, you’ll have two weeks to use the accessory, after which time it will then be blocked from use with the console,” the support page reads. “At that time, you’ll receive error code 0x82d60003. We encourage you to contact the store or manufacturer where you obtained the accessory to get help with returning it.”

The impact of this crackdown could be far-reaching. Although it could prevent the usage of cheat devices, it could also affect those who use third-party steering wheels or fighting sticks, not to mention the assorted controllers designed for those with limited mobility. Xbox has its own Adaptive Controller, granted, but it’s likely that other devices – like Logitech’s own adaptive gaming kit – could be blocked under Microsoft’s ban.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen how Xbox owners will react to the news. Barring a last-minute climbdown, it’s possible that a lot of third-party controllers and devices could be rendered all-but useless for Series X and Series S users in just a couple of weeks’ time.

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