New Citizen Sleeper TTRPG announced

Citizen Sleeper TTRPG

Cycles of the Eye will be a TTRPG based on tarot cards, and available alongside a hardcover book featuring art from Citizen Sleeper.


Citizen Sleeper creator Gareth Damian Martin was inspired to make the game after playing a tabletop RPG (TTRPG) for the first time, so it’s fitting that Citizen Sleeper is now getting a TTRPG of its own – although intriguingly, it will be a single-player game. Cycles of the Eye has been developed by Martin in collaboration with designer Alfred Valley, creator of solo RPGs such as Lay On Hands and Thousand Empty Light, and it will come with a 78-card tarot deck featuring characters from the Citizen Sleeper universe. A set of dice modelled after those seen in the game will be sold separately.

The Lost in Cult website describes Cycles of the Eye as follows: “The Citizen Sleeper tabletop game, Cycles of the Eye, uses dice and tarot cards (both Minor and Major Arcana) to create a solo journey through the game’s location of Erlin’s Eye. Over the course of several cycles, you will complete challenges, reveal new locations and interact with iconic characters, building a story unique to your session from the included tarot deck. Who will your allies and adversaries be? Will your Sleeper build a new life on the Eye or escape it entirely?!”

Cycles of the Eye has been announced alongside a new Citizen Sleeper art book, which includes artwork from the three DLC episodes – Flux, Refuge, and Purge – in addition to the main game. The book is part of Lost in Cult’s ‘Design Works’ series, the first of which showcased the artwork from the 2021 hit Sable.

Cycles of the Eye is available to preorder for £29.99 as part of a Lost in Cult crowdfunder, which after less than a day has already raised £68,000 of its £75,000 goal. Citizen Sleeper: Design Works is available for £39.99, and a vinyl record of the Citizen Sleeper soundtrack is available at the same price. A deluxe edition featuring the Design Works book and Cycles of the Eye in addition to dice, patches and a bookmark is on sale for £119.99.

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