Vampire Survivors | An unreleased director’s cut reportedly exists

vampire survivors director's cut

A  different, unreleased ‘director’s cut’ of Vampire Survivors exists, according to one person who claims to have played it.


An unreleased, never-before-seen ‘director’s cut’ of Vampire Survivors is alive and well on a hard drive at developer Poncle, according to author and consultant Laura Kate Dale.

On 2 August, Dale (as spotted by IGN) shared a tweet claiming that “Vampire Survivors – Directors Cut exists”.

“It’s drastically different from the base game,” Dale continues, “and I might be the only person outside of the dev team who has played it.”

The tweet was accompanied by an image of what appears to be a title screen, with “Confidential” marked in the bottom left corner and a misspelled “Directer’s Cut” subtitle beneath the familiar Vampire Survivors name.

In a follow-up tweet, the Vampire Survivors Directer’s Cut contains a level stuffed full of 300 chickens, and a range of new characters, including an imp, Santa, werewolf, a winged egg, and more besides.

There’s even a video of the build in action, look:

Dale elsewhere explained that she was at an event for the upcoming co-op mode, out on 17 August, and was quietly given the chance to try the unreleased build. Assuming it isn’t an elaborate hoax, Dale’s images may be the only glimpse we’ll see of this Director’s Cut – unless developer Poncle decides to either release it, or otherwise recycle the content in a future update. We’d quite like to see the level with the 300 chickens.

Vampire Survivors will make its debut on Nintendo Switch on 17 August – the very same day that its free update, which will add a four-player co-op mode, emerges for all platforms. Said mode will allow players to drop in and out during sessions, with play said to switch seamlessly between single and co-op play between stages.

Developed by Luca Galante, Vampire Survivors has become one of the most unexpectedly huge indie hits of the past couple of years, and even managed to snag a Best Game award at this year’s BAFTAs.

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