When are we going to get these adorable Korok mascots in the West?

Four Korok mascots

Japan has an amazing range of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom merchandise – including Korok mascots – that’s currently unavailable outside the country.


Nintendo has absolutely knocked it out of the park with an official range of four Korok mascots from Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Look at them! Unbelievably adorable. But the catch is that they’re only available in Japan.

In fact, they’re only available at the official Nintendo stores in Tokyo and Osaka, as well as on Nintendo’s Japanese online store. And in addition to these charming fellows, there’s a whole range of Korok-themed merchandise on Nintendo’s Japanese website, including Korok fans, Korok tote bags, Korok pouches, Korok hair bands, Korok stickers, Korok hand towels, Korok pin badges and a really quite lovely Korok mug.

But the Korok mascots are undoubtedly the highlight. Their names are Makore (the little dumpy one), Makamaka (the orange one), Namomin (the light green one) and Totchi (the dark green one). Little mascots like these are often used as ‘keitei straps’ in Japan, tiny trinkets that people attach to their mobile phones, and quite often you’ll see young folk whose mobile phones are absolutely smothered in them.

They’re are actually fairly big, though – according to Nintendo’s website, the tall ones are 16cm by 8.5cm, so quite a giant thing to dangle off your phone. Not that it’s likely you’ll be able to get hold of one, as they’re obviously incredibly popular: Nintendo Japan put a tweet out in the early hours of this morning to say the mascots had been restocked, and within hours the entire range had sold out.

Credit: Nintendo.

Still, as unlikely as it is that I’ll ever be able to get hold of one of these adorable Koroks, I want one one with all the fibres of my being. Come on, Nintendo, when are you going to release these little guys in the west?

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