Detective Pikachu Returns is out on 6 October

detective pikachu returns

Tim! Tim! Gaming’s cutest private eye is getting a sequel, as Nintendo announces Detective Pikachu Returns. 


Over seven years on from its 3DS debut, Detective Pikachu is getting a sequel. Detective Pikachu Returns will once again star the decidedly talkative private eye and his human sidekick, Tim Goodman, as they attempt to solve another Pokemon-themed mystery.

The first trailer (helpfully enclosed below) doesn’t give us a lot of insight into their latest adventure, though Detective Pikachu’s affection for mugs of strong coffee remains present and correct.

First released in February 2016, Pokemon spin-off Detective Pikachu has left an unexpectedly large mark on the franchise as a whole. The gently absorbing adventure-puzzler was loosely adapted into a live-action movie (albeit starring a lot of CGI critters) in 2019, with Ryan Reynolds providing the voice of Detective Pikachu.

A decent-sized hit, the movie spawned the launch of its own range of Pokemon trading cards, while a sequel is said to be currently  in the works.

The first game was launched with a pretty spectacular outsized amiibo, complete with adorable soft-touch deerstalker hat. There’s no word yet whether Detective Pikachu Returns will come with a similar amiibo – or whether Nintendo will simply put out a re-run of the old one.

Nintendo said there’ll be “more information” revealed in the future, though, so we’ll keep you posted.

Detective Pikachu Returns it out on Nintendo Switch on 6 October.

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