Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft team up for safer gaming

In another sign of the happy-happy-joy-joy times we live in (ahem), a joint statement of intent has been released by Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, outlining the platform holders’ commitment to making online gaming as safe as it can be for those taking part.

This ‘Shared Commitment to Safer Gaming’ so far amounts to an identical statement, bar where platform/publisher names are mentioned, covering three main aspects. Drumroll please…

First up, Prevention. This covers each company’s efforts to both inform players and the parents/caregivers looking out for the players of their options with regards to online safety, as well as preventative measures on the part of the platforms in question.

Second, Partnership. Easier to just quote this: “We commit to partnering with the industry, regulators, law enforcement, and our communities to advance user safety.” That says… not much, honestly, but hey.

Finally, Responsibility. Fortunately this isn’t where the statement allows each company to throw users under the bus, and instead reiterates the fact that, ultimately, they are the ones responsible for making sure online play on their platforms is as safe as it can be for all involved.

It’s a good thing, no doubt, but it’s also a blanket statement with nothing specific about it. I’m also keen to see how Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft reacts the next time there’s a controversy surrounding online gaming on their machines, because traditionally it’s been a case of saying ‘we have robust protections in place’ and/or blaming the specific game in question’s publisher.

But hey, yeah, baby steps.

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