Red Dead Redemption | more hints of an imminent remake emerge

Red Dead Redemption promo art with Marston

An update on Rockstar’s website provides further hints that a Red Dead Redemption remake could be on the way.


If you’re among the legion of people who’d love to see a modern, remastered version of Rockstar’s 2010 horse opera, Red Dead Redemption, some tantalising news has emerged. As reported by PCGamesN, a recent update on Rockstar’s website leaves what could be a subtle clue that a remake is indeed quietly in the works.

By digging into the site’s source code, GTA Forums user Spider-Vice noticed that a couple of lines now make reference to something called ‘Red Dead Redemption Rockstar Presents Ver,’ and ‘rdr1rsp’.

There’s also a reference to a Red Dead Redemption logo tucked away in the code, which suggests that it could be published at some point in the future – perhaps accompanying a reveal of the RDR remake.

It’s not a smoking gun, admittedly, but it’s not the first time Red Dead Redemption’s name has unexpectedly popped up in recent weeks. In late June, the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee issued a new rating for Red Dead Redemption.

As recent history has proven, unannounced games do sometimes appear on Korea’s ratings board early – other examples include the Castlevania Advance Collection on Switch, Mafia II: Definitive Edition, and the upcoming LEGO 2K Goooal!.

Red Dead Redemption was originally released in 2010, and was a critically acclaimed leap forward from its 2004 predecessor, Red Dead Revolver. One of the best console games of the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 era, Red Dead Redemption is still a fondly-remembered game, despite the intervening years and the brilliance of its 2018 sequel; at the time of writing these words, ‘Rockstar’ is trending on Twitter (or ‘X’, as I suppose we should call it) and excited speculation that an official reveal will happen as soon as August.

More news on this as we get it.

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