Red Dead Redemption port’s £40 price tag is “great value” publisher says

Red Dead Redemption promo art with Marston

Publisher Take-Two has defended complaints that £40 for the Switch and PS4 port of Red Dead Redemption is too high.


“I have to give credit to Rockstar,” reads one comment on YouTube reads. “They managed to not even reach my lowest expectations.”

Yes, reactions to the news that Red Dead Redemption is getting what appears to be a straight port to PlayStation 4 and Switch  – rather than the current-gen remaster rumoured earlier this summer – haven’t been entirely positive. Nor has the price tag gone down particularly well: along with the port’s announcement came word of that it would cost £40, or $50 in the US.

“Rockstar is the prime example on why backwards compatibility is so useful, as it stops companies from rereleasing a 10+ year old game without major improvements and charge a premium to play it,” another comment below the game’s trailer reads.

According to publisher Take-Two, though, £40 for a game that hails from the Xbox 360 era is “great value for consumers.”

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“That’s just what we believe is the commercially accurate price for it,” CEO Strauss Zelnick told IGN when it asked about the matter.

Zelnick also added that port’s inclusion of both the base game and its expansion, Undead Nightmare, justified the price point. “We feel like it’s a great bundle for the first time, and certainly a great value for consumers,” he said.

According to Rockstar’s website, the port also includes some “newly supported languages” for the first time, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Latin American Spanish. So there’s always that.

Red Dead Redemption is out digitally on 17 August for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for the bargain price of £40. The game’s also getting a physical release for the same platforms on 13 October.

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