Supercell cancels Rush Wars after disappointing beta

Supercell launched its Rush Wars beta just three months ago, but it appears that despite additional work to improve the game’s quality, it won’t be moving forward. The developer confirmed its intention to cancel Rush Wars this week, and it will shutter on 30th November.

“When we started developing Rush, the team’s goal was to make a different type of build and battle game that casual players could enjoy..

“During the beta, we wanted to try out things that could change the game in different ways, to see what would happen in terms of strategy and gameplay to make it more challenging and change the dynamics.

“We heard your feedback with the game feeling repetitive, and we made some changes with a few updates. However, the changes we made didn’t help the game long term nor change up the gameplay style enough to make it as fun as we would like.

“Here at Supercell, we have extraordinarily high standards for our games. We want to be sure that each game we release will be played for years and remembered forever. Unfortunately, we felt that even if we continued working on Rush Wars, we wouldn’t hit this goal.”

Rush Wars will now be escorted to the Supercell graveyard, where it will RIP along with the likes of Smash Land, Spooky Pop and Battle Buddies.

Wireframe #25 is out now

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