Fort Solis | psychological sci-fi thriller out in August

Fort Solis PS5

Fort Solis, the sci-fi “psychological thriller” from developer Fallen Leaf, is coming to PS5 and PC on 22 August.


Psychological sci-fi horror Fort Solis is out on 22 August, developer Fallen Leaf has announced. Set in the shadowy environs of a mining facility on Mars, Fort Solis sees lone engineer Jack Leary roaming around the deserted base, wondering exactly what happened to the missing crew.

It’s a familiar sounding premise, but Fort Solis’ emphasis on atmosphere and suspense is what has us intrigued; it’s the kind of game where you’re hunting for clues and solving a mystery rather than hacking the limbs off some shrieking abomination. And while it’s possible that the shrieking monsters roll in later in the narrative, the developers’ influences  – sci-fi classics Moon, Solaris and Sunshine – suggest that the threats Jack faces will be more subtle.

The splashes of blood Jack finds here and there certainly suggest that something nasty has happened on the base.

Already in development for PC, Fort Solis is also getting a PS5 version, Fallen Leaf and publisher Dear Villagers announced earlier this year. Underpinned by Epic’s shiny new Unreal Engine 5, it certainly has the fidelity and detail of a proper current-gen release, as that trailer above demonstrates. The Alien-style, lived-in environments look superbly designed and realised, right down to the elaborate corridors. We do love a good sci-fi corridor.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for another absorbing sci-fi experience that also happens to be set on the red planet, why not check out KeokeN’s Deliver Us Mars? Again, it’s a sci-fi game with a more thoughtful tone than most.

Fort Solis is out on PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 5 on 22 August.

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