The Division 2 | players who exploit a Descent bug will be suspended

the division 2 descent

The Division 2: players who exploited a Descent bug to gain extra XP will be temporarily suspended, Ubisoft has announced. 


Added to The Division 2 in June, the new Descent mode sees up to four players stripped of their gear and tasked with facing waves of enemies. It’s a tense, claustrophobic addition to the game – but also, it turns out, one open to exploitation via a bug.

Said bug allows players to rapidly boost their XP and SHD levels – something Ubisoft knows all too well, since it has now announced that anyone who’s used the exploit to speed up their progress will be temporarily suspended.

“We are aware that certain players have been exploiting a bug in the game that allowed players to join another player already in Descent through the Ubisoft Connect interface and gain unfair amounts of XP and SHD levels,” Ubisoft wrote on Twitter (thanks, IGN). “We  have thoroughly investigated the situation and identified individuals who have systematically used the exploits.

“As a result, we will be imposing appropriate sanctions on players involved in accordance with our policies. First-time offenders who have exploited this feature will receive a two-week suspension starting immediately… sanctioned players will be flagged, and any further offence will result in an increased suspension duration.”

More ominously, Ubisoft says that repeat offenders could even be kicked out of the game permanently.

Players who’s exploited the bug will also see their progress rolled back, Ubisoft adds. “We believe it is crucial to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed and compete on a level playing field.”

Descent was launched as part of The Dvision 2’s Broken Wings update, which also added new gear and an extra Manhunt target – one Mari Singh, who’s really, really into fish.

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