The official PS5 logo is certainly a logo that now exists

We’ve still yet to meet the PlayStation 5, but a first look at Sony’s new console is no doubt just around the corner. Until then, we will probably keep clicking on every “omg check out this leaked PS5 pic!” link and honestly be quite disappointed if it doesn’t turn out to be a Rickroll.

During its press conference at CES, Sony has at least now unveiled the official PS5 logo. It is… well, it’s basically the PS4 logo with the ‘4’ changed to a ‘5’.

There has been many a reaction that sums up how people are feeling about the logo reveal, but perhaps the well-worn Arrested Development “I don’t know what I expected” gif just about covers it.


“There’s much more to share on PlayStation 5 in the months ahead, and we look forward to revealing more details, including the content that will showcase the platform and the future of gaming,” said Sony’s Jim Ryan as the logo was presented on stage.

Er, yes Jim. Thank you. For that.

Wireframe #29 is out now

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