Doom ported to Game & Watch, because of course

Where there is a screen, there is Doom. So it is written for it shall ever be.

And so we have Nintendo releasing its Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros limited edition system, followed by attempts to hack the neo-retro system, followed by someone posting a vide of Doom running on the microscopically powered system. It’s just the natural order of things.

The caveats make themselves known through the fact so very much is missing from this cobbled together port of the game – textures are a no-show in many cases, there’s no sound, and it runs at a frame rate owners of the SNES version of Doom will remember with some mixture of fondness and frustration.

At the same time, this is a recognisable, and playable, version of Doom running on hardware that is clearly struggling under the weight, but is still managing to do it. Improvements are in the wings, according to the hacker behind the work, Stack Smashing, but it is unlikely to ever get beyond a bit of a curio more than anything else. Have a look here:

Still, that’s Doom on a Game & Watch, a pregnancy test, powered by potatoes, an original NES (sort of)… what’s next?

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