Slay the Spire developer Mega Crit surprise launches a new game

Dancing Duelists screenshot

Dancing Duelists is out now on PC and Mac, and was created in Godot as part of a game jam by Slay the Spire developer Mega Crit.

Mega Crit, the studio behind the acclaimed deck-building game Slay the Spire, has surprise launched a new title called Dancing Duelists. It’s available for free on for PC and Mac, and you can download it right here.

Dancing Duelists sees your dancer go head to head with another boogiemeister in a head to head card battle, in which you whittle down the other player’s ‘hype points’ to gain victory. After each round you can add more cards to your deck, as well as add equipment that provides perks such as extra strength.

Mega Crit created Dancing Duelists using the Godot game engine in just three weeks as part of a game jam. The studio had used Unity for its previous titles, but following Unity’s controversial announcement of a Runtime Fee back in September, Mega Crit was one of the many developers who vowed to quit Unity. Even after Unity backtracked on many of the proposed changes, Mega Crit has stuck to its guns, and has confirmed its next game will be made using Godot.

Mega Crit has said that users cannot pay for Dancing Duelists – instead, the studio is encouraging players to donate to the open-source Godot engine.

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